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After all, you come from a distant land.The author of the fickle robot"This is the best robot I've ever made. It can do anything. For people, I'm afraid it's no better than it is!" The doctor explained triumphantly.A rich man, Mr. N, had to say:nike blazers mens sale "You must sell it to me! To be honest, I'm going to spend a quiet time alone in a lonely villa. I just want to be there."

"Then I'll sell it to you!" The doctor nodded.Mr. N paid a lot of money, then buy the robot.Wait, Mr. N went to the villa on the island. It will take him a month to get his boat."With a robot, I could have a good holiday. Not only do not have to read the letter, look at the document, and the phone will not call. How about smoking a cigarette first?"nike blazers mens sale Mr. N so a muttered, the robot immediately took out a cigarette, then give him a fire.

Sure enough, there are two down. But my stomach is hungry, too!""Yes, I understand!" Robot sound.In a little while, it will be ready to eat up. Mr. N said the meal was satisfied:"Really, which is really a good robot!"nike blazers mens sale Robots will not only cook, but also tidy up the room, and even the old clock will be repaired. In addition to these, it can also tell the host a lot of wonderful stories one by one. What a perfect servant. So, for Mr N, was started on his day.

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